May 2009 - June 2018
Design History, Theory and Practice in Rome - the birthplace of Western typographic tradition.
You are invited to invest in your design career. Study graphic design and typography with the masters this Summer in Rome—the birthplace of typographic tradition.
poster design: Louise Fili

After 10 years of this wonderful SVA Masters Workshop in Design and Typography in Italy, we are saying arriverdverci Roma (and Venice). It was an amazing collaboration and we are grateful to all the faculty, participants and friends who have made this an unforgettable educational and social experience.

Special and heartfelt thanks to Louise Fili, and to Cristina Chiappini , Carlo Martino Detto Giancarlo, Mauro Zennaro , James Clough, Mario Rullo, Mario Fois, Paola Manfroni, Dr. Darius Arya, Maria Pina Bentivenga, Paola Vassally, Fabio Mongelli, Lívia Ito, Ron Callahan, Veronika Golova, Annalisa Bos, Marie France and Chantal Bally, Giorgio Camuffo, Pietro Corraini, Ariella Risch, Renzo Di Renzo, Esther Ro-Schofield, Jonathan Ro-Schofield, Carlo Branzaglia, Omar Vulpinari, and everyone else who has helped to make this Masters Workshop such an amazing educational offering. Rome and Venice were very exciting and inspiring and it was quite an adventure over the past 10 years. Thank you to the 130+ designers and student designers who participated, as well as many MFAD Alums who joined along the way as guest critics, and all who have taken this journey with us.

Lita Talarico and Steven Heller

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