Nov 19, 2018


Fili On The Perfect Job

By Victoria Holod

A true legend visited our studio last week. Louise Fili came by to talk to our first years and I can honestly say, no one moved a muscle throughout her entire lecture in fear that any noise would lead them to miss a word of her wisdom.

She recounted her experiences as a graphic designer, casually dropping in one-liners that should be carved into stone for how powerful and inspirational they are. One was to never sit and wait for the phone to ring with the perfect job. The perfect job is the one you make for yourself. It is important for a designer to have their own personal projects to work on.

Louise’s style and vision has completely revolutionized branding especially in the restaurant scene. She showed us a variety of the work she has done and explained the process of each in detail which was significantly helpful to learn & see.

The entire lecture was a thrill a minute and had the class wishing time would fly by as fast as possible until she teaches them next year.

Thank you Louise.