The Christopher E. and Deborah J. Buck Thesis Scholarship to Bring Innovative Design to Market

Awarded to thesis students tp foster entrepreneurialism in the field of design. A cash award of up to $25,000 will be presented to one or more designers graduating from the program to enable further development of exceptional thesis projects for the marketplace. Made possible by a generous gift from faculty member Deborah J. Buck, the honor will be given to a student or students who can convincingly demonstrate that their project has the potential to m commerce, culture or society.

Illuminated Atheistby Matthew Luckhurst

MOSA: Museum of Sound & Arts by Giho Lee

Ahby Ashley Stevens

Two Wings by Matthew Heckart

Eva Doman Bruck Award

The Eva Doman Bruck Award is awarded to the student who during their course of study has displayed exceptional, all-around academic skill as well as having contributed markedly to the MFA Design community.

This scholarship is named in honor of faculty member and thesis consultant Eva Doman Bruck, who was an enthusiastic and tireless advocate for students in and out of the classroom.

2018 Jessica Lin

2017 Michael Stone

2016 Rachel Costantino

2015 Megan Daley & Mohammad Sharaf

2014 Donica Ida

2013 Janine Toro

2012 Joanna Kuczek

2011 Jules Tardy

2010 Dohun Park

2009 Areej Khan

2008 Josh Hester

2007 Lara McCormick

Donations to this scholarship
can be sent to:
Visual Arts Foundation
c/o SVA - MFA Design
209 E. 23rd. St.
New York, NY 10010
Attn: Lita Talarico
In memo section on check include "Eva Doman Bruck Award"

The Park Family Scholarship

The Park Family Scholarship is awarded to an MFA Design student of Asian origins whose Designer as Author thesis is an exemplary combination of social concern and cultural acuity, with emphasis on how it can address issues in their native lands.

2016 Kritbodee Chaicharoen

2015 Kenny Batu

2014 In Hee Bae

2013 Jin Sook Bae

2012 Soo Ji Han

2011 Lillian Lee

2010 Dohun Park

2009 Yaijung Chang